WildCards (Agents and Editors)

We are so eternally grateful to this amazing lineup of publishing professionals who have agreed to donate their time and expertise to benefit Stonewall and the Blogathon.

Comprehensive list of all participating publishing professionals:

Peter J. Knapp - Agent at Park Literary 
Wild-Card: First 10pg Critique

Laura Zats - Associate Agent at Red Sofa Literary 
Wild-Card: Twitter Pitch Critique

Rachel Brooks - Agent at L. Perkins Agency 
Wild-Card: Query Critique 

Marietta Zacker - Agent at Nancy Gallt Literary 
Wild-Card: 2 x 'Skip the Query Queue' 

Brent Taylor - Agent at Triada Literary 
Wild-Card: 2 x Query Critiques 

Maria Vicente - Agent at P.S. Literary Agency 
Wild-Card: Query Critique 

Rebecca Podos - Agent at Rees Literary Agency
Wild-Card: First 10pg Critique 

Patricia Nelson - Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Wild-Card: First 10pg Critique 

Saba Sulaiman - Agent at Talcott Notch Literary Agency
Wild-Card: 10x 'Skip the Query Queue' 

Stephen Morgan - Editor at Entangled Publishing 
Wild-Card: 1 x Query Critique, 1 x 5pg Critique

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