Monday, 15 June 2015

Donor Spotlight: Stephen Morgan from Entangled Publishing


4 hours until the end of the auction! Over the weekend, we'll be posting up a few agent/editor profiles to help writers get to know the amazing publishing professionals who have donated their time to the auction.

If you missed last weekend's Queer YA Scrabble and Author Blogathon, please remember to check out all the blog posts on the Post Master List! The bloggers responsible for the terrific blogathon have generated interviews, reviews, and posted excerpts for all the books participating in the event.


Introducing our editor donor, Stephen Morgan from Entangled Publishing! Stephen has donated two perks -- 5pg prose critique and a query critique! His perks feature in the boxes for Clan Unicorn and Clan Phoenix!

Stephen is looking for fun and snarky contemporary romances driven by strong romance tropes. Bring on the alpha hero hiding a heart of gold, and please pit that alpha hero against the one woman willing to call him on his BS. Mild to high heat level preferred, with love scenes fully realized on the page. Favorite tropes include Enemies to Lovers, Fake Engagement, Marriage of Convenience, Mistaken Identity, Older Brother’s Best Friend/Best Friend’s Little Sister (or some variation), Ugly Duckling, and Intimate Strangers. For YA/NA, he’d love to see more gritty across-the-tracks romances, tortured heroes/heroines on the path to redemption, and high-concept genre pieces (biopunk, steampunk, thrillers, even fantasy or paranormal if it’s just a splash of supernatural grounded in the real world).

If your story doesn’t match any of that, don’t worry! Bottom line, if it’s fast-paced and has a strong romantic conflict, send it his way. Find a way to write your story with commercial elements and a literary voice and you’ll immediately have his attention. LGBT characters more than welcome.

Before joining Entangled, Stephen worked in various facets of the publishing, magazine, and communications industries as a writer, editor, and interview coordinator. His Master’s thesis, BOOK DNA, involved a content analysis of what elements contribute to commercially and critically successful genre fiction. You can reach him at Stephen (at) Follow him on Twitter at @Stephen_Edits, where he occasionally posts pictures of his three tiny brown dogs.

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