Saturday, 6 June 2015


Post Master-List

Click on the clan's pages above to find the entry forms! 

Keep checking this list, we will update it as new posts go live so that you can find all the clues and win the books!

Clan UNICORN with Ava Jae at Writability *ALL Letters have been Posted!! Enterable. 

       Introductory Post 
       Author Interview Master Post Featuring: Suki Fleet, Becky Albertalli, Nina Rossing, Ellen Wittlinger, Abbie Rushton, Kirstin Cronn-Mills <--- complete anagram.

Anagram Hint:

'Normal' sexuality is a man and a woman ... blergh!

Clan PHOENIX with Cynthia at Afterwritten *ALL Letters have been Posted!! Enterable.

Clan GRIFFIN with Caroline at *ALL Letters have been Posted!! Enterable.

Clan HYDRA with Nicole at YA Interrobang *ALL Letters have been Posted!! Enterable.

        Introductory Post <--- complete anagram. 
Clan DRAGON with Vee, Nadia, Nina and Maria at *ALL Letters have been Posted!! Enterable.

       Introductory Post
       Interview with Saruuh Kelsey
       Spotlight on Alex Sanchez's Boyfriends with Girlfriends
       Giveaway Post for Cat Clarke's Undone
       Interview with Suzanne von Rooyen
       Excerpt from Jay Jordan Hawke's Pukawiss the Outcast
       Excerpt from Cat Clarke's Kiss in the Dark


  1. Thanks for this huge giveaway.

    Are the solutions going to be posted after the end of the drawing?
    For at least one of those anagrams is giving me a headache, trying to work it out - 'twould be a great relief to be able get it out of my mind once this thing is over. :)

  2. Yes! The anagrams for all of the teams will definitely be posted on the 9th. We do know that some of them are easier than others. We wanted to do a mix of easy/hard.

    In the meantime, I hope you figure it out!

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  4. Where are the winners posted? :)

  5. The winners are posted as a separate blog post, have a look at the side panel!