Tuesday, 2 June 2015

It's almost time!

In a few short days, the Queer YA Blogathon and Scrabble event will finally kick off! Final teams and their hosts are linked via the panel above, so check them out!

Here is the timeline of events for the weekend:

June 6, 6:00AM GMT: By this time, all our participating bloggers will have posted introductory posts detailing how they're going to present the authors working with them, and how you can look for clues for the Scrabble Giveaway!

June 6, 12:00PM GMT: Entries are open! Start collecting clues and trying to solve the anagram associated with each team. If you solve it, you could win a beautiful gift box full of the team's books (many are signed copies), book swag, support swag for Stonewall UK and little gifts to enhance your reading experience (even exclusive manuscripts!)

The Giveaways are open to the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada,  Mexico, Anywhere in Continental Europe except Russia. Unfortunately, do to the prohibitive cost of shipping, the giveaway/auctions are not open to countries in Africa, South America, Asia or Australia.

June 9, 3:00PM GMT - The Giveaway will close! Never fear, the auction is about to start.

June 9, 3:30PM GMT - Three wildcards from participating agents and editors will be added to the second box for each team. These wildcards range from query critiques to twitter pitch help to manuscript edits. Each box will have a balance of items put inside, appropriate for writers of Diverse YA fiction.

Additional wildcards will be available for a base price (yet to be determined) and the right to first pick will cost £80. All proceeds will be donated to Stonewall UK.

June 9, 6:00PM GMT - Winners of the Giveaway will be notified.
June 15, 3:30PM - The auction will end and winners will be notified.

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