Sunday, 14 June 2015

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Maria Vicente from P.S. Literary

24 hours until the end of the auction! Over the weekend, we'll be posting up a few agent/editor profiles to help writers get to know the amazing publishing professionals who have donated their time to the auction.

If you missed last weekend's Queer YA Scrabble and Author Blogathon, please remember to check out all the blog posts on the Post Master List! The bloggers responsible for the terrific blogathon have generated interviews, reviews, and posted excerpts for all the books participating in the event.


It's a pleasure to have Ms. Maria Vicente from P.S. Literary Agency, as our fourth donating agent! Maria has very generously donated two query critiques. Her critiques can be found in the auction boxes for Clan Griffin and and Clan Unicorn! 

Maria Vicente is an associate literary agent at P.S. Literary, providing support to her clients through all stages of the publication process. She is dedicated to managing authors' literary brands for the duration of their careers. 

Her reading preferences vary across categories and genres, which is reflected in her client list. She is actively looking for literary fiction, young adult, middle grade, illustrated picture books and nonfiction projects in the pop culture, design and lifestyle categories. She has affinities for literary prose, strong character development, original storytelling formats and anything geeky. 

Maria has a full, and detailed list of everything she's looking for on her website, but here are some of the things she'd LOVE to see within YA: 

    *Psychological Horror - The creepier the better. 
    *Science fiction with fringe science elements. 
    * Contemporary friendship breakup story filled with drama and honest emotion. 
    * Contemporary with DIVERSE characters (this includes LGBTQ). Not an 'issue' book. Particularly books that go against the gender norms. 
     * A story from the villain's point of view. 
     * Graphic novels. 

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