Sunday, 14 June 2015


24 hours until the end of the auction! Over the weekend, we'll be posting up a few agent/editor profiles to help writers get to know the amazing publishing professionals who have donated their time to the auction.

If you missed last weekend's Queer YA Scrabble and Author Blogathon, please remember to check out all the blog posts on the Post Master List! The bloggers responsible for the terrific blogathon have generated interviews, reviews, and posted excerpts for all the books participating in the event.


I'm so pleased to introduce Ms. Rachel Brooks from the L. Perkins agency as our third professional donor for the Queer YA Auction! 

Rachel has kindly donated a Query Critique! So, if you're a writer about to go on submission -- this could be an invaluable resources for you. Her perk features in the Clan Griffin Auction Box!

Before joining the L. Perkins Agency, Rachel worked ash agent apprentice to Louise Fury (at the Bent Agency). In addition to her industry training, Rachel has a business degree and also graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English from Texas A&M University-CC. 

She is actively building her client list. 

Rachel is excited about representing young adult fiction, as well as adult romance. In YA, she's looking for authentic voices and memorable characters. In romance, whether contemporary or historical, sweet or spicy, she loves swoon-worthy heroes and determined heroines. 

She loves both print and ebook formats, and has a soft spot for marketing-savvy writers!

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