Author Registration!

This event can't run without author participation. We are sincerely grateful that you'd even consider donating a book to us.  If you're interested in sending your book in for the event, please read the information given below very carefully!

Mission: Our aim is to increase awareness of LGBTQ YA titles and readership. Additionally, this event will benefit Stonewall - UK, a charity committed to helping queer people (especially vulnerable teens) and creating and promoting educational materials.

When: The event will run from June 6th-8th, 2015. Author registration will close on May 25th, and we must receive all books by then!

How it Works: 

(1) Once you send in this form, your registration is half done! The next step is to mail two physical copies of your book to the address that you will be send via email. One of these copies will be given to the prize winner and the other will be auctioned post-event. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Stonewall. You may send 'swag' of any type if you wish, but this is not required!  In order to maximise proceeds at the auction, we would request that authors send signed copies if at all possible.

(2) Once we have received your registration and books, you will be assigned to a TEAM. Each team has been given a host blogger. On the go-live date, your blogger will post about your book and the books of your teammates. Within your post, we will conceal a special letter. Participants must collect these letters from your whole team and solve the anagram to enter.

(3) At the end of the contest, a winner among those who guessed the anagram correctly will be randomly selected for each team. Your book will be beautifully packaged along with the books of the other members of your team, and dispatched to the winner. The other package will go on auction for the following week.

(4) Once your team's pack is won at auction, we will collect money from the bid-winner and dispatch their package. Following on, all proceeds gained will be donated.

Privacy Policy

* I will not use or disseminate any information sent to me for the purpose of this contest for anything other than the contest. Please respect that courtesy and do not share the address you are given.
* Therefore: I herby pledge that I will not send you daily updates on my cats or photos of my snake wearing hats. (or pass your contact details on to rabid readers, the press, the secret police)

Host Blogs

When I came up with the idea for this event, I really wanted it to be about the community, rather than directing people to my own blog. Plus, these book-bloggers know their stuff and know how to present great books! They have kindly agreed to donate space and time to host authors during the event.

       Gay YA
       YA Highway
       YA Interrobang
       The Librarian Who Doesn't Say Shhh! 

In total, our hosts have over 22k unique twitter followers. So your book will be promoted!

Sound good? Fill in the registry form below to get started! 

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