Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What is Queer YA Scrabble

What are we?

Queer-YA Scrabble is an event hosted by blogs and on twitters to support Stonewall-UK and increase awareness of LGBTQ positive YA books.

Participants will hunt for letters concealed in blog posts featuring Queer YA books and then solve anagrams allowing them to compete for a chance to win a box full of great titles. Following the promotional game, another set of book-boxes will be up for bid with 100% of proceeds donated to Stonewall.

I am an author / publisher / agent - how do I help?

Please take a look at the Author Registration page! The event can't succeed without author/publisher  participation! 

I am a reader - how do I help?

The keys to success for this event are promotion and author engagement. As a reader, feel free to tweet or blog about the contest, and encourage your favourite authors to sign up! <3


The event will run from June 6th-8th, 2015. Author registration will close on May 25th, and we must receive all books by then!

Blog Hosts 

I Have Questions ... So Many Questions 

I am so very happy to answer any questions you might have! (please do ask, I refresh my phone  about 200 times a day, and it's nice for the little icon to blink)

Blog specific questions can be addressed to the blog hosts listed above! They are the sexy faces of this operation, while I am the spreadsheet monkey.

Update April 9th: My email has helpfully decided to crash.  Hopefully it will be back and functioning soon, but in the mean time please feel free to ask questions below in the comments!

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