Sunday, 26 April 2015

Saturday (oops, it's Sunday) Update #3 - April 26

It's the weekend again and I'd like to give everyone a quick status update! Next weekend's will be much longer and will contain more photos of books! All the books are coming into my office at a fast and furious pace now, and I think by next week a proper Bookish Photoshoot might be in order.

A Note on Shipping: Please, please make sure you mark your envelopes clearly! I work for a distributor and we receive HUNDREDS AND MILLIONS (no really) of books shipped through. If they're not marked to me, I'll have to wrestle the warehouse guys for them. I fight dirty. No one wants to see me get book-crazy mean.

As of today, a magnificent 39 authors have come forward to donate their titles. People are amazing. Really, truly amazing.

We have closed the author registration form on the site. There are still a few authors considering, but without dramatically expanding the number of participating blogs or doing the authors a disservice by skimping on interviews and excerpts, we can't possibly host more than 40.

This week, the lovely Saba Sulaiman joined our agent/editor line up to provide Wild-Cards for boxes of books in the auction.

Saba Sulaiman - Talcott Notch - Agent

Donating TEN Skip the Query Queue Wild Cards

I’m looking for strong voices and unconventional narratives that really make me sit up, pay attention, and move me. Introduce me to unforgettable characters with complex, deep relationships, and show me worlds where things aren’t necessarily as they seem. Intelligent, sharp writing with soul is my biggest weakness, and if you can offer a fresh perspective on top of that, I’ll probably be sold.
Also—and this deserves its own paragraph—I’m all about diversity, in all its various forms. Bonus points if your book contains multicultural perspectives, and themes of immigration, displacement, and cultural adjustment.

My excitement for this event just keeps going up and up. I can't wait for June! At this time, we're looking to push our promotion a bit further and make sure lots of readers can find out about the event before it happens. Here are a few banners that you can share on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads:

Help spread the word for the event and to benefit Stonewall!

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