Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saturday Update #1 - April 11th

Wow! Since I started contacting potential blog hosts last week Saturday, things have been a bit of a crazy-awesome whirlwind.

In order to keep everyone up to date with the progress/evolution of the event, I'll be doing a brief update every Saturday morning on books that authors have signed up as well as items that have physically arrived in Edinburgh.

Since we posted the sign up form and the host bloggers started promoting on Wednesday night, twenty authors have come forward and said that they would be happy to donate their books. I especially want to thank Becky Albertalli for being THE FIRST. It takes a particularly lovely and altruistic person to agree to donate things via random twitter approach -- when no one else is involved yet.

Here are the cover files of all the books we've signed up so far!

The list is subject to some change until we actually receive the physical books! And, since we only opened this three days ago, I'm confident that we will sign up a few more great titles.

So many thanks to all the authors who have agreed so far. Stonewall is very excited about this! I will be posting some updates directly from them next week.

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